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Brinke’s Christmas wish list (retro version)

We've already seen my current tennis Christmas wish list – items that are readily available at fine retailers everywhere (like our sponsor Tennis Warehouse). But even the mighty TW doesn't carry these swell items- all of which I had and wore out. First off, this Fila Borg practice shirt. The chest and sleeve logos were heat pressed on, and they also had an all white version, as you can see BB wearing alongside some kid that turned out to be OK.

Bjorn Borg gear

Bjorn Borg meets Andre Agassi

Bjorn Borg and Donnay racquets

Next, this great Fila Borg set.  The shirt is terrycloth, and the shorts have terrycloth inserts in the pockets.

Bjorn Borg Fila tennis apparel

Loved this shirt, too. Had this very red design.


I could never EVER find these socks. Made by a company called DuParc- I think- but don't hold me to that.

Bj socks

A fantastic wooden racket. Beautiful cosmetics on a medium stiff frame that delivered precision power. Sadly, I broke more than a couple of these beauties.

Fila1One tennis racqquet

And for shoes, these were my favorite- Nike reissued them a couple of years back. The McEnroe Air Trainer.