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3 new tennis fashion trends spotted at the Australian Open.

Neon. There has been a lot of talk about how big neon is at AO. Nike and a wide variety of brands of tennis shoes are the prime players of this vibrant card. As if in a textbook, Serena Williams, Genie Bouchard, Madison Keyes, Vika Azarenka, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer were literally highlighted on the courts. There was a moment when Vika actually looked like a marker. A few of the pieces are below.

Nike gear at AO

Other retailers that featured neon in some way in a garment include Fila (on Jelena Jankovic) and Li-Ning (on Peng Shuai), Peng's was full on actually. If this CNN article is right there's more to come. 

Lacoste polo Fila polo









Fila crewDeath of the tennis polo? Ok, as a blue-blood tennis classic, the polo is not going away, but the sporty, more casual, crew neck is growing in popularity on court. Lacoste and Fila both rolled out jaunty new polos at AO but the cut was not as prominent across courts as in previous years. 

Even Roger passed on the polo at AO. Not good. He always plays better in a collared shirt. (and why is he dressing like Rafa now?)

Solfire Athletic DNA

"Art in motion" That's actually Solfire's tag line. The brand led the charge on this trend a few years back with tennis apparel that is the base for artist Brendan Murphy's creative work. Athletic DNA was another early adopter. Both brand's newest shirts are above.

Freestyle, expressive art is now coming on strong and we saw some of it in Melbourne (Lleyton Hewitt for ex.). Bringing the trend to the masses now are adidas and H&M (see their shirts below). I like to think that this trend, now spinning out of retail's biggest powers, indicates we are getting a good infusion of young blood into our game. 





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  1. I actually like Adidas’ kits this year as well as Tomas’ H&M kit. Huge exposure was given to Nike as its players proceed further this year at the tournament. I personally like Serena and Rafa’s kits. They look refreshing!

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