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James Ward stylish at AO

Britain's #2 ranked player James Ward lost in the 1R at the Australian Open, but he won when it comes to a cool look. Recognize the clothing line? Probably not as there is no visible logo on the shirt.

James Ward in Ted Baker

It's a British clothing line, so any logo or name would naturally be discreet, like the one on the shorts left leg. The line is Ted Baker.

James Ward in Ted Baker

TB is a fashion company as opposed to an athletic gear company, much like H&M and Uniqlo.  It seems they've been around since 1987- their site says "the idea for a global brand came to Ted whilst fishing." The first store opened a year later in Glascow. Didn't see these duds on their site, but we have an email into them and will let you know.

James Ward in Ted Baker at Australian Open

Their blog has more info on Ward and his new look (images here via that blog). He used to wear Fila clothing and shoes. Colorful shoes here are asics. (Sponsor's link to those shoes here

Creative look including socks. 


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  1. It looks good. It reminder me of Tomas Berdych’s shirt last year at French Open. The design is refreshing and the colors are also nice. I hope to see more of their designs this year.

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