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Lacoste unveils LT composite racquet & matching clothing line


Lacoste has released an expensive, limited edition new hi-tech racquet, the LT. Three years of research were necessary for the development of the LT. The LT12 is 70% wood and 30% graphite. 



Three types of woods were combined with the aeronautical material High Modulus Graphite. Walnut wood ensures rigidity inside the racket and dampens string vibrations. Balsa wood, at the core of the frame, and Lime Tree wood, used for the inner periphery, collide to dampen the vibrations of the overall structure. 


Graphite fibres are knitted as wool – a technique used exclusively for the manufacturing of the LT12 – and are bonded to wood with resin. Graphite ensures better control and ball speed. A unique alloy that provides stability, strength, speed and precision to this new racket.


Entirely made by a French craftsman based in Albertville, each racket takes five hours to produce. The wood is carefully selected, dried and carved into narrow 2.5mmx22mm bendable slats that show no visible flaw and that are made of an even number of fibres. These are then weighed, down to the gram, and sanded to one-tenth of a milligram to maintain the perfect density and surface.


Each LT12 is unique, bearing its own colors, hues and streaks, and expresses its maker’s vision and choices. The last part consists in assembling the pieces and the handle, wrapping the grip and finishing the racket. 

But…that’s not all.


Lacoste will also release a companion line of clothing, shoes, and gear as well. Petit piqué, color blocking, piping, patterns… the well-known features of the brand DNA are revisited and modernized for a timeless elegance collection.

“Without style, playing and winning are not enough” -René Lacoste.

Inspired by tennis’ primary aesthetics: the prevalence of white, clean lines and sleek shapes. The iconic Lacoste green and blue come in for energy and movement. Lightness, functionality and comfort are the key words in the design of this capsule that combines tradition and innovation. 






The abstract print of the T-shirts is reminiscent of tennis courts, which is a reference to the 1970s and 1980s color blocking. Piping highlights polo shirts, tracksuits, shorts and caps. A “Game Set and Match” sweatshirt rounds out this sports wardrobe. Materials are extremely light and comfortable: the petit piqué is used on nylon, which enables the body to breathe and prevents odors.







 Accessories also combine comfort and elegance with similar technical features seen on the garments. A real tennis bag, a backpack, a toilet kit and footwear that can be worn every day. Off court, the Tonga watch in steel and silicon with glasses in acetate encompasses the aesthetics of the capsule.





The LT12 racket, produced as a limited edition of 650 numbered pieces, will be available from April 2015 at the price of 550€. ($624.00 USD!)


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  1. I like the shoes as well as the racket. Great job for Lacosté! The white shirt with green accent is a winner for me! It captures the simplicity and elegance of the brand. I hope you can raffle on of these products here.

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