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The long and short of it.

Nadal US Open 08If you’re new to obsessing over tennis fashion you might not understand the fuss over Rafa Nadal’s short shorts. Rafa’s new Gladiator Premier’s have a 7 inch inseam, a far cry from the long toreador style he wore religiously over 7 years ago.

Pushed by Nike retail, Rafa’ s shorts have risen slowly over time. I for one prefer him in the longer styles. Take a look at the progression starting here (above at US Open), his second Slam tournament in the step away from the tapered toreodor style. These are what we termed clamdiggers – and he won Wimbledon wearing them.

Full knee coverage 2008

Raphael Nadal Roland Garros 2009

Nike Rafael Nadal night 2010 US Open

The rise begins. Knee skimming 20092010

Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2011 Nike

Inching higher.


Rafa Nadal

Rafa Nadal US OPEN 2014 Nike

and higher…(And we get those beauty biceps back). Although he did not get to wear this one. 

Rafa Nadal Australian Open 2015

At practice in Australia, Day 1, 2015. Yes, significantly shorter.

Image: JadietPhotography/TennisIDENTITY

Rafa Nadal 2015

And, in full competition gear.  Are we headed higher to the heights of Borg and McEnroe back in the day? I have a hard time believing we’ll be seeing them on any modern day pro players simply because of the size of their thighs.

I think we’ve seen the end to Rafa’s shrinking shorts.

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