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Wilson turns up the heat with the Burn series

Wilson has introduced the Burn family of rackets. This new line is built specifically for performance tennis players seeking a bold, sleek racket that accelerates power from the baseline.

The Burn is the first Baseliner-focused product to emerge from the company’s new PlayerID system, which categorizes three key types of tennis playing styles: Baseliner, Attacker and All Courter. The system helps athletes better select products that speak to their playing style and enhance their overall performance on the court.

Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep will be two of the first athletes to play competitively with the new Burn during the 2015 Australian Open.


The Burn line consists of five rackets, each with a headsize of 100 square inches. Each Burn racket is constructed with High Performance Carbon Fiber, which increases frame stiffness for explosive power on groundstrokes.

Simona Halep

The Burn comes with the X2 Shaft, a longer handle that allows for increased feel and leverage on two-handed backhands, and an optimal shaft shape to enable quick grip changes for extreme grips. The rackets also feature Parallel Drilling, which dramatically increase their sweet spot, while providing a forgiving feel.

Burn One Sheet

In addition, the Burn 100S, Burn 100LS, and Burn 100ULS rackets are equipped with the Company’s Spin Effect technology and differ in weight, allowing juniors to work their way up within the Burn family of rackets as they grow.

Consumers are invited to visit for more information on the Burn family of rackets and to register for pre-sale notification. Pre-sale for the Burn 100S and Burn 100ULS begins February 2, and for the Burn100LS and the Burn 100 on March 2. Pre-sales will be available at the same website, and major tennis retailer websites.

The Burn will retail for $199. The Burn racket will be in retail stores in mid-February.

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  1. Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep will be two of the first athletes to play competitively with the new Burn paintjob on their old racquet during the 2015 Australian Open.

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