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Gamma offers Solace, a new multifilament tennis string.

Gamma Solace 17Tennis string is exploding in variety. New to market is Gamma's Solace. The multifilament string offers TNT®2 Processed Dual Core Technology which is said to add comfort, feel and touch to your racquet.

In addition to a full set, Solace will be sold as a half set main string paired with Gamma's Glide cross string; Glide Hybrid with Solace.
Solace delivers excellent string bed deflection on impact, storing more energy in the strings and pocketing the ball. This makes Solace ideal in a full string bed, as a cross string with poly or as a main string with Glide Cross String.

Here'a a quick video:


Who will benefit? Players with slow to moderate swing speeds will benefit from the power and vibration dampening of Solace. Players with faster swing speeds will benefit from the control, comfort and feel.

Solace comes in 17g and 16 g options. Natural colors only.

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