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New book: “The Stylish Life: Tennis”

Cover The Stylish Life - Tennis
A new book titled The Stylish Life: Tennis (teNeues with Ben Rothenburg as narrator) is sure to be a hit with Tennis Identity readers. With its pantheon of legendary players, impeccably manicured courts, and posh, sporty fashion, tennis has led a charmed life over the years. This coffee-table style book is a fun flip through our sport’s very fashionable history from past to current players, to glitterati who love our game, to stylish WAGs to fans and tourney grounds of old and new.

Some examples: Below, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, 1953.

Jackie Kennedy in The Stylish Life: Tennis

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in a scene from the 1977 movie “Annie Hall.”

Diane Keaton and Woddy Allen in Annie Hall via A Stylish Life: Tennis

Arthur Ashe in The The Stylish Life: Tennis

Above, Arthur Ashe in 1970 and below a c. 1920 tennis poster.

YWCA Tennis poster c. 1920

Consider this a great gift for the tennis lover in your life. Here’s a link to buy:

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