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Nike innovates and Mother Nature smiles.

Nike_Color_Dry explode

Aside from recycling bins, not much "green" happens in tennis so I was excited to hear news of Nike's ColorDry polo. The performance tennis shirt is made of 96% recycled polyester (sourced from 11 recycled plastic bottles each) and comes in four colors. See the blue one below on Nick Kyrgios.

Nike ColorDry polo choices

The earth friendly shirt is is also dyed without using water. According to Nike, "It takes 30 liters of water – the equivalent amount in 60 plastic water bottles - to dye a T-shirt using traditional dyeing methods. Nike ColorDry technology dyes fabric using zero water, while also saving energy and eliminating the need for added chemicals in the fabric dyeing process."

Kudos Nike.

The new ColorDry polo becomes another feather in the cap of a brand that has diverted the equivalent of more than two billion bottles from landfills and into product through sustainable innovations.

Watch for the shirt in Miami. Find it HERE.

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One thought on “Nike innovates and Mother Nature smiles.”

  1. Good job on Nike and great article Karin! This is an eco-friendly way to preserve our Mother Nature while not compromising the style and performance of the polo shirts. I hope other brands do the same. I’m not a big Nike fan but I really have to praise them with this sustainable innovation. Hoping for more innovation from other brands soon!

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