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Yeah, baby, she’s got it.

Venus Williams Ndebele Collection EleVen

The EleVen look for Venus Williams at the upcoming Miami Open. According to the brand, the new "Ndebele Collection," (so named after the vibrant art of South Africa's Ndebele people), will be up on the website this weekend.


The trendy "space dyed" new dress will also come in solid, space dyed red and black with color blocking at the shoulder  and sides.

The EleVen shoes? Special ed. only for V. Separates from this group are available here.

Bottom photo via Twitter.

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One thought on “Yeah, baby, she’s got it.”

  1. Great “futuristic” print from V. I also like the color selection for Miami. She will definitely shine on this dress. The black sides also makes a shadow look that makes the players more slimmer and with curves. The back is also the highlight of the dress. EleVen is definitely stepping up against major brand players such as Adidas and Nike.

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