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Puma expands Becker relationship

Back in the day, Boris Becker wore his own line of Puma clothing and shoes, and wielded a Puma racquet. He moved around a lot- wearing a personalized BB line from Fila, clothing from Ellesse and Lotto, and shoes by Lotto and Diadora, too. And the same Puma frame mold also appeared as an “Estusa” racquet. More recently he used his own branded frame that had some unclear connection to Volkl. This site seems to be dormant.

Recently, we’ve seen BB wearing plain branded Puma merch while watching Djokovic matches, and now it appears the old BB/Puma line is being relaunched.

This just came across the Becker Instagram, too.


These shirts were found on the German Puma website..nothing else is for sale with his name.

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