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Rafa does time very, VERY well

Some five years ago, Rafael Nadal started wearing a Richard Mille watch on court. That in itself was an anomaly- endorsement deal or not, most pros do not do this. They’d wear it walking on court and during the trophy presentation- with as much stress as a player’s wrist gets, a watch may prove cumbersome. Yet Nadal broke with convention and walked on court with the RM027, and among its features was a half million dollar price tag. (Which Nadal surely did not have to fork over.)

Now, they’ve rolled out another model, the RM 27-02. This one sells for roughly $800,000 according to this article in Forbes– and there are only 50 of them to be made. The orange band is of course appropriate for the King of Clay.

More information on the Nadal/Mille partnership is here. If you want a distressed carbon-quartz case that will take 5000G’s- this is for you.

(Personally, I like my L.L. Bean Classic Field Watch.)



Photo credits: 2-3) Stefano Galuzzi/Richard Mille 4) Elizabeth Doerr.

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