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Uniqlo RG15 Gear On Sale May 21st, online ONLY

The Uniqlo UK site says that the Novak Djokovic & Kei Nishikori French Open match wear will be available exclusively online on May 21st at 9am. (It’s not clear what time zone 9am references, so good luck.) The F.O. apparel will not be in stores (imagine that- I’ve yet to see one item in any of my three local stores) but you can use their “Click and Collect” website feature to have it sent to a store for pickup.

(And PS: Memo to Uniqlo marketing- folks, your largest size is XL? I wore XL in high school.  Can’t buy it if it won’t fit. Just sayin.’)


L3-cover_M_performance-matchwear-2 (3)


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