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Does Serena’s Aston Martin come with an ejector seat?

A busy week for Serena Williams as she gets ready for Wimbledon. Earlier today, she was on hand for the reveal of her new Nike shoe. I’m quite sure she’s squeezed in some practice time in between sponsor duties. Let’s check her Twitter account, shall we? Thursday’s featured tweet; “Just finished launching Berlei Bras in Europe. I am still in control of what bounces.” Check. And on Wednesday, she announced she was the new “Chief Sporting Officer” at Aston Martin. (Looks like a white James Bond DB5 on the left, gasp.)

See, when you’ve won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, you GET great job titles like that.

Serena Williams Aston Martin Wimbledon

Oh, and did we mention the pre-tournament parties?

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