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Meet you at the Club

Times change.

filaexpensiveOnce upon a time (kids, ask your folks) Fila arrived on the tennis scene, and boy was it costly. When I say you’d need a bank loan before hitting your pro shop, I’m kidding. But not by much. It was strictly for the pros and country clubs, and product availability was limited. (Egyptian Cotton. Amazingly perfect.) Click the inset to the left- the tag line even says “Very very expensive. Very very worth it.” Well, at least they were up front about it. Now here, take my money.

Over the years, the Fila focus has changed, and they’ve shifted to a broader-based market approach. This new men’s line called, fittingly, The Club, is strictly for casual wear- lots of plaid here, and a variety of reversible pieces.

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All items within the collection feature the silver cut out F-Box logo. The Club Collection retails from $19 to $90 and is available at ​and at tennis specialty retailers nationwide, including Tennis Warehouse.

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