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Nike debuts groundbreaking tennis shoe, the NikeCourt Flare


Nike Court Flare Tennis Shoe

It’s a baller’s, fighter’s and tennis player’s shoe all in one. Serena Williams joined NikeCourt Club festivities this afternoon (London time) to launch her groundbreaking new tennis shoe, the NikeCourt Flare. You may have noticed that Serena has been wearing custom kicks that appear to have ankle support (see below in Paris). The style can now be yours.

Serena Williams in custom Nikes

The NikeCourt flare will be Serena Williams’ tennis shoe for Wimbledon and a new model for the brand. The look and lightweight technology, was influenced by a Kobe Bryant basketball shoe and a Kung Fu fighter’s shoe. Ankle support is built in. Most players who need support wear ankle braces (that’s the one I like). This shoe builds the brace into the shoe. Video below on the inspiration and process behind the design:


As an ankle roller, I’m interested to see just how supportive these new shoes feel.

Aaron Cooper Nike Designer

According to Nike, “In addition to providing stability, Aaron Cooper [Nike designer] and the team focused on designing for flexibility. The shoe’s neoprene cuff connects to an internal bootie, providing a second skin-like fit and promoting natural foot motion. A drop-in midsole—meaning it’s not bonded to the overall silhouette—augments this sensation and delivers cushioning directly underfoot.”

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  1. Looks like they bring the ankle hugger stuff from their football shoes (“soccer” for ‘muricans) to the tennis line.

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