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Nike tennis shoes for grass courts

Not many of us get to play on grass courts- they just don’t exist very many places anymore. But if you do get the chance, you’ll want the right shoes. Nike has them for you, too: the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour iD. (Remember when they had simple names like, “All-Court?” Or “Wimbledon?”) Anyway, take a look at these- you can get these with as many color options as your average Honda. Here’s a style for Wimbledon: all white everywhere.

You can definitely go with Volt, Digital Blue, or Purple Venom if you want. Unleash your inner Picasso….just don’t expect to wear them onto a Wimbledon court.


You can also put a small pair of initials on the side. Couldn’t fit the whole Tennis Identity name on the tongue- though you can customize those, too.

And there’s a specially designed sole just for the grass.

Nike’s site helpfully adds that these are indeed custom-made – no mass market for these – and you’ll get ’em in five weeks. So this year’s Wimbledon is out.

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