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Stan Smith, the next generation

Back in the day, the original adidas Stan Smith was the textbook classic tennis shoe, (along with the all-white K-Swiss and the Tretorn nylite.) You got what you got- a white sneaker, no striping, a few holes for ventilation, minimal cushioning (Plantar Fasciitis killed Stans for me) and the green heel tab. Oh, and the drawing of Stan on the tongue, which remains to this day.

(Trivia: did you know the shoe was released in 1965 as the “adidas Robert Haillet,” for the French tennis pro? It was re-branded in 1971 upon his retirement..but for several years both the Smith and Haillet names appeared together on the shoe. Go figure.)


Now that we’re in 2015–two words. Brand extension.

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I understand what they’re doing here- the SS has long been a lifestyle line rather than for serious competition- but would I wear those polka dots? Let me get back to you.


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