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Coppertone SPORT sunblock stickSun Bum sunblock Stick

In a perfect world I would remember to put sunscreen on before going out to play tennis. Never happens. Sunscreen sticks are my go-to because I can do my face, neck and small spots fast without getting my hands greasy – an absolute no before hitting.

Take a look here at some of the choices. You’ll notice they are all VERY small in size (Neutrogena offers the biggest); easy carry in your bag and they never explode and get all over everything. Although I do cover up pretty well in the sun thanks to new apparel offerings, I do blow through these sticks quickly because I like to touch up around garment edges and do my hands, shoulders etc. Hoping someone steps up to make these in much larger sizes.

Neutrogena Sunblock stick

Zinka Sunblock Stick

If you want to apply sunscreen to large uncovered areas, I’m not a huge fan of sprays because they seem wasteful, but I do carry Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray for the occasional big expanse.

Above: Coppertone Sport .6 oz.;   Sun Bum .45 oz;    Neutrogena Beach Defense 1.5 oz.;   Zinka .49 oz.

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