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Tennis bags that chic up your style

[social_warfare]There are a myriad of tennis bags on the market. Steering clear of maxed out logos and cutesy prints, here are a few Summer picks for the best tennis bags to chic up your look in a very sophisticated way:

Maria Sharapova's tennis Bag Wimbldon


Maria Sharapova’s newest court bag by HEAD. It comes in three styles. Look for this one on Maria at Wimbledon.

patent leather tennis bag b by Cortiglia


You’ve got to like patent leather to be a fan of this one but the bag exudes city chic. Wear it with white or black for maximum impact. It’s the new Grand Sport Signature by Cortiglia.


Ame and Lulu Tennis Court Bag

The Montauk Tote by Ame & Lulu is beautifully understated in hue and pattern. It would look stunning with anything all white.

Nike Court Metallic tennis bag

Sweet new metallic tennis bag by Nike Court – the Tech 1. This one’s for a guy or girl. Love the Wimbledon purple zippers and take a sneak peek inside (below). Very cool.

interior of Nike metallic bag

Prince Extreme 6 tennis bag

Subtle, sleek Textreme 6 pack tennis bag by Prince. Very basic, very stylish. Guys yes, maybe girls.

Park tennis bag

Park’s Guilfoyle tennis bag is the ultimate in luxury tennis bags. Top quality materials and beautifully constructed. Luxe all the way.

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  1. I like Park’s Guilfoyle tennis bag. The colors suggests that guys can also use it. Definitely in my birthday wishlist this month of July! #birthdaywishlist

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