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Tennis books. Game, set, match and LOVE

Two new tennis books to tell you about. Both are easy summer reads:

Game Set Match by Mark HodgkinsonGame, Set and Match – Secret Weapons of the World’s Top Tennis Players is a compilation of tennis tips direct from the touring pros, served up in small easy-to-digest bites. The tips cover the technical aspects of various strokes, the mental game, physical game, tactics, coaching++ Just about every big name in tennis is packed in here, vintage to modern day and you can search by player.

Here’s an excerpt from a timely example:

How to Attack with Your One-Handed Backhand – Stan Wawrinka


— The legs are very important with this shot – you need to be early with your legs and then you have to commit and go for it. ‘ With a one-handed backhand, if you are a little bit late, you don’t have the left hand [as a right hander] to help you get the power…’

Easy, enlightening read poolside or while you wait for your match to start.

Find it: Game, Set and Match: Secret Weapons of the World’s Top Tennis Players by Mark Hodgkinson


Next up, a work of fiction. I have to admit I was skeptical when I started Game of Love as I really don’t do romance novels. So it was a pleasant surprise that I finished this story.  Accurate and rich tennis detail, jet set travel and a Bond like story line kept me coming back. 21 year old Gemma Lennon, the main character, could easily be Maria Sharapova. I imagine her celebrity sized life might be like Ms. Lennon’s. Fun summer read.

Find it: Game of Love by Ara Grigorian
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