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Tennis inspires high fashion collabs with adidas and Fila

Athleisure rules the runways and tennis continues to inspire high fashion. Here are two recent collaborations that pull tennis fashion into tony street styles. The results are really quite charming.

First, as reported in Vogue, a collab. between adidas and Mary Katrantzou. The line is appropriately called adidas x Mary Kantrantzou.

adidas Mary Katrantzou

The collection plays with tennis apparel details and silhouettes (which adidas knows a little about ;), accented with artsy- sporty illustrations that have a hint of art deco flavor. The line is not designed to be played in.

Mary Kattrantzou x adidas

Images by adidas.

Next Fila x CMST. This group was featured, as below, in the June 2015 issue of Korean Bazaar. Sporty tops and knee high socks/aka super cute leg warmers rock skirts that move effortlessly.

FILA of course knows tennis fashion too, and it has taken some of its signature elements and blended them into this collection, FILA Korea’s new line of Heritage clothing. The result, FILA x CMST (womenswear brand, Coming Step). The layout here embodies the spirit of the clothing, heritage v. modern.

Korea’s top model, Choi Sara, adds an additional touch of modernity and athleticism to the layouts.

Tennis, the game that began with love, is now a very heated love affair on and off court

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