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Tennis is a mental game

brain_tennis-243x300If you’re at the pro level, you’re one of the best tennis players in the world. Except for the very VERY best of the best, everyone’s blessed with much the same level of skill; speed, strength, and athleticism.

(Let’s face it, there are a select few blessed by The Tennis Gods.)

What sets the select few (like Roger, Rafa, Andy, Serena, Maria and Caroline) apart from, say, #900 in the world—is the mental game. Introducing the HeadTrainer! (No connection to Head tennis racquets, BTW.)

HeadTrainer is an Apple iOS and Android mobile app designed specifically to enhance athletic performance through improving the mental functions of athletes. (The basic app is free and additional functionality and options can be purchased for $4.99 per month.) The mental workouts take place in sports-themed, digital environments…designed to help assess and improve cognitive skills in five key areas:

Memory, Processing Speed, Focus/Concentration, Visual-Spatial Awareness and Decision-Making.

HeadTrainer features 15 games (workouts) with endless levels for each. Check it out!

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