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Tennis on eBay, Volume 1

New series here at Tennis Identity! Every couple of weeks, we’re going to show off tennis-related auctions on eBay. If there’s something you’re looking for, leave a note in the comments. I’ll bet we can find it.

Here’s one of the main Sergio Tacchini jacket designs Mac wore before switching over to Nike. This model (a reissue) is called the Dallas.


Adidas personalized lines could be rather bizarre but I loved this Stefan Edberg “SE” script design.

For the longest time, Adidas was the official gear of the ATP. I wore several of their clothing and shoe designs, and this is the first time I have ever seen this model shoe.

Here’s one of the racquets in the 1970s Adidas Nastase line. I’ve read that the frame he played with was in fact a Dunlop with Adidas markings, but don’t know if that’s true or not. Speaking of Adidas racquets, take a look at this Adidas Lendl racquet. I’ve read that he too played with a PJ- his former Kneissl White Star.


Way back when, Jimmy Connors had his own clothing line with an American company called Robert Bruce. Pretty basic pair of shorts here.

This shirt is also a reissue- from Fila, the Boris Becker design of the late 1980s.