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#TennisAMovie The LOL Results

To celebrate the kick off of Wimbledon 2015, we recently ran a hashtag game on Twitter.  The call was for anything tennis in a movie name, #TennisAMovie, and the results had us laughing for hours.

That Fed tweet was was actually first tweeted as below with no art.

#TennisAMovie Federer On The Roof

— Paul Bronks (@virtuallydead) June 27, 2015


50 Shades of Clay #TennisAMovie

— JiM (@JimSonOfGreg) June 27, 2015


Being John McEnroe #TennisAMovie@TennisIdentity

— RIP (@HuskerHaHa) June 27, 2015


Bjorn On The 4th of July #TennisAMovie

— Guy Patton (@guylarious) June 27, 2015


#TennisaMovie S.M.A.S.H

— Ian Harrison (@thatblighterian) June 28, 2015


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Here’s the full feed: