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Break Point. A new tennis movie with cameo by Bryan Brothers

…and the Oscar goes to…not this movie.

This summer we’ll have two tennis themed movies to watch- one on HBO…and “Break Point,” headed to theaters on September 4th during the U.S. Open. It stars J.K. Simmons, Jeremy Sisto, Amy Smart, Adam DeVine, and Cy Amundson. A gold star to you if you know any of these people. If you want to see it — and this review is based on the below preview — I’d catch it opening weekend..I doubt there will be a second weekend. I suggest you try and find a DVD copy of Wimbledon or even Players instead. (Hey, at least it’s got Mac, Vilas, and Nastase in it.)

Update 8/21: Break Point premieres August 27 in Los Angeles. It will be available in theaters and via VOD on September 4.

And, there’s a cameo appearance by the Bryan Brothers:

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