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We know Woz is sweet- this confirms it

Caroline Wozniacki has mentioned she’s got a terrific sweet tooth. For example, here’s a quote from the Wall Street Journal, from September of last year:

In an instant, her agents brought her back to the present moment: potential deals before she left for Tokyo and her next tournament. After a couple minutes of silence, Wozniacki piped up: “I want a chocolate deal!” She told the group how Federer had put a giant chocolate bar in her U.S. Open locker, compliments of Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier he endorses—and how hard it was to wait until after the tournament to eat it. “I will do a chocolate deal for product only,” she added, smiling. “No need for money.”

It didn’t take long. The Godiva CFO saw that article, and since February she’s been paid to have that sweet tooth. (We’re gonna assume cash is part of this deal.) Here she is earlier today at Harrods in Knightsbrdge, London, to unveil her new Godiva line of “Sweet Caroline” chocolates. I’m gonna take these over Sugarpova candy- sorry Maria. @GodivaUK told Tennis Identity that these are sold only at Harrods through Wimbledon.





Photos from @GodivaUK Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “We know Woz is sweet- this confirms it”

  1. Amazing chocolates! I wonder when will Ana Ivanovic will have her own candy or chocolate line like Maria and Caro. I saw Maria posting some pictures at her official instagram account that she’ll be launching a new chocolate line too. Not sure if that would be part of Sugarpova or a different brand. Maybe “Chocopova” haha.

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