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#Wimbledon2015: Team Lacoste (Men)

There are some things you can consistently count on. Death, taxes, and…predominantly white at SW19. No one locks into the Wimbledon vibe better than Lacoste, as we see on their pro team guys that will take to the grass starting Monday. (All the same look???) You could take these photos and place them in any decade back to the start of Le Croc- the Lacoste image varies very little, which is what makes them the classic brand that they are, n’est-ce pas? The women’s look (minus Dominika Cibulková?) are here.

Lacoste Wimbledon Goffin
David Goffin.

Lacoste Wimbledon Chardy
Jeremy Chardy.

Lacoste Wimbledon Isner
John Isner.

Lacoste Wimbledon Cuevas
Pablo Cuevas.

Lacoste Wimbledon Bautista
Roberto Bautista.

Check out the Lacoste lines for Men and Women at Tennis Warehouse.

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One thought on “#Wimbledon2015: Team Lacoste (Men)”

  1. Since they are all the same, I’ll just based my judgement according to the “fitting” of the clothes. I think Jeremy Chardy and Pablo Cuevas won.

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