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Back to the future with the Vollaix “Huey”

NkVBNTVFMzU2QkUzNzA3RjBDQTY6Y2QzNWQ1MjQ3NTY4ZjQxNGU4OWFhMDBhNWY1NTg3NDU6Ojo6OjA=Back in February, we told you about a line of men’s tennis shirts from a new brand called Vollaix. Now they have another new/old retro design called the “Huey,” named after a singer who owned the radio in the 1980s. In 2015, it’s still hip to be square.

Retro tennis fans (like me) will notice that once again Vollaix has, um, borrowed liberally from the 1980s Nike style book. (See McEnroe, John.)


As before, this shirt construction is 100% performance pique polyester fabric, cuffs, and collars. Buttons are custom made from genuine corozo.

The website notes that “This is a Gen2 shirt and fits a little tighter than the 1st Generation shirts.” (See sizing chart.)

And coming in the fall, here’s a design called SW19– you can guess what it is named after. A blue sleeved version is also in the works (not shown.)

This design also saw life back in the day, too. (Bonus trivia: in the AA photo in that link, note the Donnay D stencil on the Prince racquet. AA was having issues with the Donnay at that I recall, he referred to it as a “Donnay prototype.” Nyuk nyuk.)


McEnroe image from Tennis Warehouse forum page; Agassi shirt also from Tennis Warehouse forum.

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