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Fila funks up another flick

FILA in the film Ma Che Bella Suppresso

FILA has a long history in film, and the taste making brand has recently added Ma che bella sorpresa to its repertoire. As in The Royal Tenenbaums  and The Firm, FILA’s vintage collection (thank you Björn for being THE MAN) has a starring role once again.

GET THE LOOK:  Vintage style FILA  jacket here. The polo is here. Shorts (close as you can get).

FILA Ma Che Bella Sopreso 1

A little movie history for you…

FILA made its cinematic debut in 1975 in the Italian comedy, Il vizio di famiglia where it was worn by actress Edwige Fenech in a number of scenes throughout the film. Three years later, the brand was worn by actor Lino Banfi in an 1978 film entitled, La liceale nella classe dei ripetenti.

In the years that followed, the FILA made its way to American television, where it was seen worn in shows such as The Six Million Dollar Man (1973), Different Strokes (1978), Will & Grace (1998), and 30 Rock (2006).

FILA The Royal Tenenbaums

In 2001, FILA was worn by Luke Wilson in a few scenes in the film The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). And, the brand appeared in The Firm in 2009.

FILA The Firm

Robert De Niro, also donned FILA apparel in a handful of scenes in the 2013 mafia flick, The Family.

Ma che bella sorpresa was released in Spring 2015 and arrives on DVD this month.

MORE: Brinke just showed me this little excerpt from the movie Players. Fast forward to around 9:00 to catch even more Fila tennis on film. Same styles. We just can’t get enough of them.

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