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Jogger pants for tennis

Jogger pants, warm-up style pants with a tapered, banded cuff are a trendy look. Here’s how to work them into a tennis outfit. Unless you’re playing in a chilly setting, warm up pants are for your warm-up (obvs)  so it’s helpful to be able to slip them off quickly without removing your tennis shoes.

Look for jogger styles with zipped cuffs like these below. Variety is not there yet for tennis — adidas is the only brand showing joggers for tennis at the moment — and I’m not seeing styles for men yet. Kinda funky aren’t they. A bit retro but definitely modern.

adidas jogger pants grey

Above, adidas adizero, Fall 2015. These pants have a matching warm up jacket as well.

white jogger style pants tennis

Above, adidas by Stella McCartney, Fall 2015. Again, there’s a matching jacket for these.


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