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Murray Under Armour Tennis Shoe Watch (continued)

Tennis Identity has been hot on the trail of the new Under Armour Murray shoe. There are two reasons for this. One, they’re new and sleek. Two, you always want what you can’t have. It will be forever before we see any Murray shoes in stores- too bad, UA. Isn’t this what you do? Make shoes? Not even a tennis category on your UK site?


Here’s what he’s wearing in Davis Cup matches vs. France..the all-white Wimbledon version.

At least for practice, Andy’s shifted to something a bit more..colourful. (Note the British spelling- just for you, AM.) These appear to be some type of red/white/blue camo style. If we get some closer pix we’ll pass ’em on.

Just a side note- no logo on the other side of Andy’s jacket like the others. Sponsor conflict?

Remember, in Davis for all and all for one.

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