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Under the hood of Murray’s new Under Armour tennis shoe

download (1)As we mentioned earlier, Andy Murray began wearing his new Under Armour signature shoe at Queen’s Club. More details on the new shoe have emerged in a new Sports Illustrated story.

Murray’s UA deal kicked in January 1, and initially he wore UA clothing paired with his old adidas Barricade shoes. UA work began on the new shoe in January with a meeting with Murray in Florida, and UA designers had to fly around the globe to meet with their star endorser to get his feedback and show off their progress. Eventually, they had multiple final version options in the pipeline for him to choose from. The new shoe was scheduled to debut at the French Open, but was pushed back to the grass court season.

“Traditionally, tennis is sturdier, (the shoes) look really industrial,” UA VP of Footwear Josh Rattet says. “We wanted to give him a cool, low-profile aesthetic but with traction, flex and durability.”

Eventually, the Clutchfit Pursuit will come in colors and even (gulp) camo.

The Clutchfit Pursuit moves Murray into a low-profile shoe with plenty of flexibility. The Clutchfit tech UA employs in cleats, basketball, running and more features two-way stretch synthetic matched with an overlay to provide flexibility when needed—a key ask of Murray—and the ability to “lock in like a second skin.”

Judging from what the article says, you won’t see these at retail for awhile.

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3 thoughts on “Under the hood of Murray’s new Under Armour tennis shoe”

  1. I recently found myself traveling with my 94! (CA) years old mom, to the UA SHOE OUTLET, just south of PBI (WEST PALM BEACH AIRPORT). She visually delighted in the store’s merchandise displays’, as the spectrum of UA’s colors, clothing, and shoes provided a pleasant sensory overload, blasting at her, while navigating the racks and aisles. A store associate kindly escorted and briefly outlined answers to questions and/or inquiries we (mom) voiced, stopping briefly as we managed to take advantage and touch most of the articles we passed.

    Despite the (ongoing) distractions, the individual managed to share a pair of UA sneakers with her, enabling to have them placed on her feet, determining if color, size, comfort, and style were acceptable. BINGO!

    While these shoes were not manufactured, as UA does for “Mr. MURRAY,” or “Mr. LEBRON;” the reaction from mom and other UA staff, no doubt was delightful.

    The afternoon’s experience was fantastic and the shoe purchase at the UA store, very fulfilling.

    Arriving back home, ensuring she settled in for dinner, the staff and other neighbors residing at the “large and beautiful living compound,” all commented on her NEW UA LOGO FOOTWEAR.

    Mom was at the center of attention, handling it like a “pro,” and never failing to identify her sons’ role in the acquisition of her new stylish UA footwear.

    It is hoped UNDER ARMOUR fully realizes the populating served from their merchandise includes not only the star athlete, but also individuals arriving at the latter stage of life, appreciating new shoes.

    Thank you.
    W. Scott

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