Tennis Identity

Serena Williams. Tennis fashion renegade.

In addition to their recent “History of Nike Tennis” article, Nike is also featuring an in-depth look at Serena Williams and her varied Nike styles post Puma. (Remember the catsuit?)

“I like to express who I am. I love to push the envelope, but I also love that classic silhouette,” Williams explains. “I love that perfect mix between trendy and classic. We always have that perfect balance.”

“And she has,” says Karin Burgess, editor here Tennis Identity. “Serena has always been a free spirit when it comes to dressing for big matches. True, her styles have toned down as she has gotten older and that classic silhouette she speaks of is influencing her more recent style choices, but Serena has always dressed for her big game. She’s never been a follower and no one has ever dared to follow her. She’s got renegade rebel style that is singularly her own. She’s #1 in many ways.”

Tennis/Maenner: Wimbledon 2004

“As a whole, Williams’ Nike archive could be labeled “high risk,” an attribute often associated with her play.” says Nike’s article. The risk was more in her past choices than current. Beginning with a head loaded with beads Serena’s styles pushed hard against brahmin tradition, almost as hard as she pushed her game.




“I was so influenced by Andre Agassi growing up,” she recalls in Nike’s piece, “watching him wearing jean shorts. I always said, ‘One day, we’re going to have to bring back the jean short.’”

And she did. The denim piece below is from an ensemble (including black boots) that kits out a wax Serena set inside Madame Tussaud’s museum in NYC.



“I always say: If you look good, you feel good and you play well.”  – Serena Williams


We’re looking forward to seeing what Ms. Williams comes up with for NYC this year.