Tennis Identity

Tennis on eBay, Volume 4

Adidas came up with some great designs in the 1980s (most all of the Edberg lines) and some not great looks (most of the Lendl lines.) This ATP jacket falls in that second category.


Not all the Lendl lines were disasters; top marks for the argyle. Loved this graphic IL block, too.


And when Ivan signed with Muzuno, he must have said, “I want a big attacking bird on my shirt.” And so they gave it to him.

$_57 (8)

I used this frame back in the day- the Slazenger Vilas V24– believe me when I tell you it played like a club. (For me, anyway.) Willy seemed to like it just fine, though.


At one time, Fila was the official outfitter of World Championship Tennis (WCT.) (Kids, ask your parents.) I presume all that meant was the ballboys and umpires got free Fila stuff.


Here’s a pair of autographed adidas signed by none other than Steffi Graf.


Ah, the original Nike McEnroe Air Trainer 1. Favorite shoe ever.


A pair of shorts from the Slazenger Jimmy Connors Signature Collection.


Now, these aren’t the actual sweatbands Borg wore– but they’re pretty close!


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