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US Open: Quotes from Caro

In her debut piece for The Players’ Tribune, Caroline Wozniacki shares reflections on the US Open – her “favorite tournament”– and thoughts on where she fits in the world of tennis, and her love for New York.

On how she approaches each tournament:

“I’ll tell you a secret: I never look at the draw before I play. I just play — one match at a time, one opponent at a time. It’s my rule — my way to keep myself focused on what’s directly in front of me.”

On the Open itself:

“As for this year, honestly, I’m just excited. The US Open is my favorite tournament. And, on top of that, it just means something to me personally. It’s where I found myself — and then, when a lot of people had written me off, found myself again.”

On her connection to New York City:

“…My 2014 Open was incredibly special. I had the crowd with me a lot. I’ve always had great crowd support at the Open, but last year they were backing me even more than usual. I was going through some personal stuff at the time, and I think everybody just wanted to help me and push me and get me through each round. I’ll never forget it. It meant a lot. And then also, a few years ago, I got a place in New York. And in November I even ran the New York Marathon. I think all of that together just created this very cool connection between the crowd and me. I never thought I’d say this, but: I felt like a New Yorker.”

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