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3 new products that grow your tennis game

The USPTA World Conference concluded last week and we’ve got three new and innovative tennis products to tell you about. All are available now.

How’d you like to have your ball machine shoot balls AND pick them up? It’s possible with PickupWall. The device requires only 3 feet of space at the back of the court and will auto feed any top loading ball machine or ball hopper. The company says 90% of balls hitting the wall land in the collecting trough.

The all-season design can be left on the court year ’round. Reverting back to full court play takes less than a minute. Check it out:

And did we say ball machine? This one looks like a Droid from Star Wars. It’s the XK Tennis ProServer, and it means business. The ProServer can serve at speeds up to 125 MPH, so you can imagine what a Federer serve is really like. The ProServer hits all kinds of serves, including flat, slice, or kick serves with topspin, as well as serves all across and up and down through the service box. Nine remote functions including speed, frequency of feed, ball placement, and spin are controlled at distances up to over 100 yards away.

No court? Not a problem. Reimagine Tennis offers courts you can set up anywhere. A micro court has a playing area of 14′ x 26′ and 36′ court 18′ x 36.’  Set up time for the mini is 30 minutes, 90 minutes for the larger one.

Here’s a micro court on a roof-deck…

Sport Court on Roof deck

and a 36′ in Bryant Park (NYC) where Rafa Nadal launched his line with Tommy Hilfiger during the US Open.

Sport Court Rafa

As you see, you can customize colors.

Reimagine Tennis images via their website.

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