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Babolat launches POP, its first connected wristband.

Babolat POP
Alexandre Israel, Bablat CPX Global Activation Programs Manager, wears the POP.


Connected tennis is big business. Players looking for new ways to improve their game are turning to the data they personally generate through hitting. There are quite a few connected products out there but Babolat, who led the charge with its Babolat PLAY racquet, continues to innovate, taking tennis from conventional to connected with its latest foray, the new Babolat POP.

Babolat POP in basket
A Babolat POP wristband on court.

I attended the product launch last week at Midtown Racquet Club in NYC and watched as the device was put to work on 4 courts filled with racquet wielding kids of all ages and abilities.

Babolat POP launch kids
Kids enjoying a little competition at the Babolat POP launch .

POP Challenge ScreenshotPOP is a performance wearable that works with any tennis racket, pairing via Bluetooth with an IOS or Android device that displays your stats live. When worn on your hitting arm POP collects information about your game, and allows players to analyze data on the spot and  – more fun- interact with and challenge friends near and far thanks to social and gaming features.  This is where I think they will pull in many kids.

Clubs could use these for team drills and kids for practice time where hitting becomes a living video game where your physical activity challenges a friend’s.


Here’s how to put POP on:

You only have to remove the sensor when charging.

Like most racquet connecting technology POP will define your swing, analyze the quality of your topspin or measure your overall performance using data including: number and type of shot (forehands, backhands, smashes, volleys, serves), spin, power, playtime, best rally and number of shots per minute.  Here’s a shot of Sam Querrey trying it out with his serves.

BUY Babolat POP NOW.

Sam Querrey tests out the Babolat POP
Sam Querrey serves wearing the POP
When used for serving, as above, POP tracks swing speed, number and spin of serves. Through the challenge feature, POP provides a detailed analysis of your swing based on: swing style, swing speed and swing spin (quantity of spin).
“It’s great that it works with any racket. I can challenge my coach, my friends. Anyone that plays tennis could essentially use it.” – Sam Querrey

As a registered Babolat POP player (you don’t need to be using a Babolat racquet), you’ll be ranked along with the rest of the worldwide Babolat PLAY Community, including the brand’s Pro players. You will be able to compare your activity score to your friends or see how you stack up against the champs. The gaming feature is exciting.

Here are a few more screen shots so you can get a better feel for the technology:

POP Challenge screenshot

POP Challenge Screenshot

POP Challenge Screenshot









The POP  comes with wristband, sensor, charger and USB cable.

update 10/4/2015: Babolat POP is available now.

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