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Color filled Kaos to hit a court near you


Following up on our coverage of everything Wilson launched this fall is keeping us busy! One of my personal favs, Stefan Edberg – yes, Fed’s coach – was on hand to launch the company’s latest tennis shoe, Kaos. Click the following links for their ProStaff, Burn FST AND SLIDE announcements.

The colorful KAOS comes in a variety of hues soled decorated in what looks like confetti, a cool looking add to any outfit. Shake off that traditional look with this one. Absolutely brilliant spin on the upper, it looks like the floor surrounding our stringing machine. Color lovers, get fired up.

Wilson Kaos mens tennis shoe


Mens Wilson Kaos sole

Just prior to the footwear announcements, Edberg commented on the importance of footwork, something his charge Fed seems to come by naturally.

“It’s all about speed and getting to the ball… plus keeping a close eye on the other players.” – Stefan Edberg

Wilson Kaos womens tennis shoe

Wilson Kaos tennis shoe

KAOS features:

The KAOS shoe has been constructed with the latest materials and footwear technology to push the limits in the areas of speed and stability, while providing best-in-class comfort:

  • PRO TORQUE CHASSISTM LIGHT arch technology offers stability and comfort.
  • 2D-F.STM construction is strategically placed on the forefoot of the shoe toprovide support, enhanced responsiveness, and lateral stability and control.
  • ENDOFITTM TONGUE provides an intuitive, comfortable fit and added stability.
  • DYNAMIC FITTM (DF2TM) gives players the right level of comfort and groundfeel via low-to-the-ground heel to toe drops of 9mm.
  • SKINGUARDTM TECHNOLOGY build in upper with PU material providesmaximum support (forefoot and laterally) and durability.


The Kaos is built for the speed and agility needed in today’s fast play. The new shoe cradles and supports athletes’ feet as they accelerate quickly and need to stop on a dime.  The radical styling both outside the upper and in the sole effectively expresses the new level and energy required to play our game.

Kaos will be available January 15, 2016.

FIND IT women’s and men’s

A couple more colors are below, top is for women, bottom is for men:

Womens Kaos Wilson tennis shoe

Mens Wilson Kaos tennis shoe

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