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HM v Boast: Two sides of the men’s fashion coin

On one hand, we have the conservative look. (Disclaimer: My preference? Borg, Fed or go home.)

American Donald Young is going back to a 1970s classic. I remember seeing these on the Terrace Park Swim Club courts. Boast has a large roster of college players on their site, but no tennis pros. Young’s not shown anywhere on, so it’s unknown if he has a deal or not – the company did not respond to our query.  Here he is winning his 1R match today.

DY is still wearing Lotto shoes (He previously also wore their clothing.) (What, no Tretorn Nylite sneakers?)

And then, on the…..other side of the coin – we have Tomas Berdych, who looks like he had an unfortunate run-in with a…can of H&M spray paint. Or washed the colors with the whites. Or something.

What’s your preference?

(Feature image from US Open Facebook.)

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