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Honey, du-ece mix this up for me

Honey Deuce the signature cocktail of the US Open

With the return of the US Open comes the “Grey Goose Honey Deuce” a fan favorite on tournament grounds and a refreshing summer cocktail made with lemonade, raspberry liqueur and honeydew melon “tennis balls.” Make it at home, sit back and enjoy the show.

GREY GOOSE® Honey Deuce, the signature cocktail of the US Open

1 ¼ parts Grey Goose Vodka (or other fine vodka)
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
½ part Chambord® or Premium Raspberry Liqueur
Crushed ice
Honeydew Melons on a wooden skewer for garnish (use a small size melon baller to make these)

Fill a chilled highball glass with crushed ice and add vodka. Top with lemonade to just below the rim and then add Chambord-Liqueur. Garnish with melon balls (they used 4 above but I’d use 3 – you know, can of balls…). Cheers!

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