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Mardy Fish on anxiety and tennis

Who knew? Mardy Fish opens up about his anxiety disorder in the Player’s Tribune article linked below. You’d never know it watching him at the US Open – where he won his first round match – his last Slam tourney (he says).

On what “The Weight” is all about:
“Three years later I’m back at the U.S. Open for the first time. And though I think that I can still play at a pretty high level, this will be my last tournament. After the Open, I’ll retire from tennis. This isn’t a sports movie, of course, and there won’t be a sports movie ending. I won’t be riding off into the sunset, lifting a trophy. I’m not going to win the tournament. But that’s fine by me — because honestly, this isn’t a sports story. And I think it’s important that my story not have a sports vocabulary. I didn’t “choke” in Act Two, and I’m not going to “win” in Act Three. This is a life story. This is a story about how a mental health problem took my job away from me. And about how, three years later, I am doing that job again — and doing it well. I am playing in the U.S. Open again.”

On showing weakness:
“To show weakness, we’re told, in so many words, is to deserve shame. But I am here to show weakness. And I am not ashamed. In fact I’m writing this, in a lot of ways, for the express purpose of showing weakness. I’m writing this to tell people that weakness is okay. I’m here to tell people that it’s normal.”

Props to Mardy for “winning” this battle.

Find the complete article in the Player’s Tribune.