Tennis Identity

“My tennis is like a LEGO set”

МIKHAIL YOUZHNYFrom time to time we run across little nuggets of unique tennis philosophy. This one’s a gem.  In a Russian TV interview today Mikhail Youzhny discussed his game and recent loss to Tommy Robredo at the St. Petersburg Open.  His game right now? “It’s like a LEGO set.”

Yes, read on…

Mikhail Youzney

“Here is an association which struck me: it so happened that I have been putting together LEGO sets with my son lately. So my tennis is like a LEGO set right now: when you begin to assemble it, knowing beforehand what picture you must obtain in the end, you rush things up, you can also lose focus, something doesn’t fit, etc. I do have the picture in mind, I got all the technical elements. And today’s match proved it: I got the serve, I got the volley, the forehand, the backhand, the foot work, but it is not assembled yet. So I hope that step by step I will put it all together.” – Mikhail Youzhny

So true really, although tennis at Youzny’s level might be more like  the Star Wars Ultimate Millenium Falcon than the dune buggy or police station.

Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Millenium Falcon

Here’s the interview… in Russian…