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The 80’s called; they want their shirts back

image1Back in February, we showed you some decidedly retro designs from a new tennis shirt maker called Vollaix. (“Vuh-Lay.”) The first batch was fiercely reminiscent of a Las Vegas baseliner who was rather partial to neon.

Then Vollaix returned in early summer with a checkerboard design that was fiercely reminiscent of a volatile New Yorker who was prone to, er, “emotional outbursts” that complimented (or derailed) his brilliant play. The company also teased an upcoming design called “SW19;” if you don’t know what that refers to, turn in your tennis card.

Now, SW19 has arrived- in two distinct colors. Now all you need are some Nike Air Trainers and a Max200G. First up, the blue version. It’s 100% Performance Pique polyester fabric, cuffs, and collars. Buttons are custom made from genuine corozo.

Vollaix Polo

Notice the inset photo; Vollaix sponsored a junior player at the nationals in Kalamazoo last month, Paul Barretto. Vollaix owner Brian Purdie says,

“[Paul] was a well ranked #7 in California back in June when he asked if he could represent us. He was headed out to Kalamazoo for the National 18s and wanted something original. He lost to the #6 seed in the 2nd round but he got to play on the set of grandstand courts in front of everyone. He’s #26 in the country on the USTA 18s rankings this week- he just won another tournament in Sacramento.”

Vollaix tennis polo shirt

And also the purple version. Both made in the USA. These are both “Gen2 shirts” and fits a little tighter than the 1st Generation shirts.

Vollaix tennis polo shirt

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