Tennis Identity

US Open 2015: Tennis Fashion At Its Best

For decades, women have defied the expectations of proper athletic gear. Although female tennis players are no longer restricted to wearing full-length dresses, gloves and hats while competing, women like Maria Sharapova and the Williams sisters still continue to add panache when it comes to these tournaments.

Nowadays, there are certain standards that deem clothing appropriate for the sport. Nike’s white tank as shown on the online shopping portal Lyst is the kind of fashion we’re used to observing on the court, however it seems as though the pros have found ways to push tennis fashion boundaries during events.

In early summer, the pros tested the strict dress code regulations at Wimbledon, wearing some of the most risque outfits the competition has ever seen, with Garbine Muguruza sporting a tacky mesh skirt, while Camila Giorgi was clad in a lacy tank-and-shorts combo that could easily have passed off as lingerie.

Perhaps it’s the dress code restrictions that dared the athletes to be bold in their outfit choices so that they could stand out from the crowd. The recent US Open gave players a little more freedom with their wardrobe choices and helped transform the courts into runways. Evidently, identity is not only measured by performance, but also by their sense of style.

Let’s take a look at some of the best outfits from the U.S. Open 2015:

Nicole Gibbs’  black and white outfit definitely had some pizzazz as her top seemed rather reminiscent of the monochromatic graphic prints that appeared in this year’s fall fashion shows.

Once again, Camila Giorgi was all about lace, but this time her light pink tank and skirt looked more appropriate for the courts than the bedroom.

Venus Williams showed up to the Women’s Singles Quarterfinals in a cute blue and white tie dye dress, which could easily be mistaken for “athleisure” clothing instead of tennis gear.

Meanwhile on the other side of the court, Serena appeared in a black and orange dress and demonstrated that she had the edge over her sister in terms of the game and style.