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Fresh picked: tennis shirts + polos for men

We had a request to post our picks of the best in men’s Dri-Fit tennis shirts and polos for fall 2015. Dri-Fit is Nike’s term (kind of like Kleenex is to tissues) but everything here IS all performance. Below are eleven men’s tennis shirts and polos that will rock your court-drobe into late fall. We’ve selected them for a few different personalities.

Nothing boring or conventional here – nothing too risky either (excepting the Puma shirt which is a little loud). All would look good with solid white or black shorts. Fall is a good time to reset and a new tennis shirt always feels good on the game.

Here you go:

fall 2015 mens dri fit tennis shirts

1 Adidas in midnight indigo; 2 Nike in volt ; 3 Lacoste in blue; 4 Solfire in white; 5 Yonex in dark blue; 6 Adidas in navy; 7 Fila blue depths camo ; 8 Fila in white; 9 Solfire in navy; 10 Puma in sulphur spring; 11 Nike in orange
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One thought on “Fresh picked: tennis shirts + polos for men”

  1. Definitely my favorite would be number 1, Adidas in midnight indigo. It’s simple, sporty yet classy. Solfire’s white shirt is my runner up on these picks.

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