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New tennis books by Bollettieri ++

Nick Bollettieri Tennis Handbook

Three new tennis books to consider:

Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Handbook by Nick Bollettieri

Nick Bollettieri has released a second edition of his Tennis Handbook. Find him in Bradenton, Florida at his Academy or pick up his new book – a tennis manual really- that covers warm ups, stroke techniques, strategies, skill development, physical, mental conditioning and more.  Video demonstrations of the techniques are available online to compliment the lessons. There are 55 drills that will help your singles and doubles play.

Hey, if players like Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, +++ benefitted from Nick’s lessons, no question you’re going to get something out of it.

DSafe Tennis Book by Jim Martz

Safe Tennis: How to Train and Play to Avoid Injury and Stay Healthy by Jim Martz.

Injury seems to play a larger and larger role in tennis today. The sport has simply risen to levels that the human body has difficulty withstanding unless absolutely fit and even then we hear of players rehabbing a shoulder or other body part almost every day.

The average weekend warrior can avoid all kinds of injury with the proper warm up and strengthening exercises.  Safe Tennis outlines a plan of action. Author Martz (who also publishes Florida Tennis Magazine) includes stretching exercises designed by sport savvy physical therapists, proper cool down techniques and many other methods to help you avoid injury. Useful at any age or stage of the game.

” Professional athletes begin their training weeks before a major competition….Weekend warriors…don’t have that luxury. The wisest thing they can do is to slowly warm up  each of the muscle groups before playing… and avoid playing fatigued.” – N. Bollettieri in Safe Tennis

Definitely worth reading especially as that body gets older.

Winning Secrets for Doubles Tennis Book by Erick CollasWinning Secrets for Doubles Tennis by Erick Collas.

I discovered this quick while vacationing in Vergennes, Vermont. Resident head tennis instructor and author,  Erick Collas calls his teaching style The Collas Method, a multi dimensional, holistic approach that develops mind, body and stroke together. Collas was a top player in his native Peru (his Dad Leoncio played Davis Cup for the country). Erick has also worked under Harry Hopman and Rod Laver. His approach to our game is an easy, assuring read that combines stories and doubles tactics in an easy to process manner. I enjoyed his philosophy and tips.

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