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Run happy with these high tech hacks

[social_warfare]Behold the wearable tech from Apple, Dre and Asics that keeps me happy while pounding the pavement: Apple Watch Sport, wireless PowerBeats, iPhone and Asics shoes. Wearable tech it is IMHO. Add a dose of discipline, country road, interesting podcast, and conditions savvy kit, I’m off.

apple watch Asics and Beats by Dre

The Apple Watch and Beats are new to my fitness routine but both have been game changers. I am seriously sad to have to send my loaners back. These go direct to my Christmas wish list.

The watch does what every fitness oriented wearable I’ve looked at does and tons more, which is why I’ve loved it.  Like other trackers it can monitor activity (or inactivity), time runs, map routes, check heart rate, advise on hydration +++ but it can also present texts, emails and call notifications right on your wrist.  Anything urgent, I can respond quickly and I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to dig out or log in to my phone every time.

Anything else you want? There’s probably an app for that.

For those unfamiliar with the Apple watch, you do need to carry your phone to completely enable all of the watches’ functionalities via Bluetooth. The watch CAN be preloaded with playlists and podcasts but I’m disorganized about that kind of detail and just prefer to pop my phone in a zippered pocket and go.

As the watch has advanced, new models have become more freestanding, but I didn’t find the necessitated pairing troublesome in the least. The watch was actually quite freeing because I spent less time on my phone obsessively scanning through non necessary apps.

The cool factor? I’ve never had so many people comment on a single accessory in my life. I used a white band as well because it was easy to coordinate with other outfits (including street style).

Here and just below are close ups of the watch with apps lit up. If a text comes in it pops up across the screen. You can answer it with a tapped auto reply or dictate a quick message into the watch Power Rangers style – same thing with a phone call.

Apple Watch face with apps

Although yes, running is supposed to be break time, it’s relieving to be able to communicate with a quick response to a kid, check a next up calendar item, or pick up an urgent call effortlessly without taking out my phone. If you are not a runner, the watch can track many other kinds of activities and I imagine you’d feel the same way on all of the above counts.

A couple things were eye opening for me. I sit too much and 90 minutes of doubles tennis doesn’t count as sustained exercise. Boo.


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