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1953 men’s tennis fashion is alive today

1953 men’s tennis fashion is alive on court, albeit in more conservative circles. I’ll admit I had never heard of Jaroslav Drobný until last week but he has been a fun study. The early era player came to me via a Tennis Identity reader who asked for a men’s tennis fashion style board inspired by the Czech, turned Egyptian turned U.K. citizen.

Over the course of Drobný’s career the tenacious player reached 13 finals. He is a 5 time major champion and 1983 inductee into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Below, he’s pictured below on court in 1953.

Interesting fact, Drobný was the first professional tennis player to win a tournament wearing eyeglasses. He wore “tinted glasses” because of an eye injury he sustained playing hockey.

I love that this man’s style is still entirely relevant today. The eyeglasses in my layout are not designed for sports but they’d be ok if you were playing very casually.

A classic Lacoste polo is the base of this look, add on-the-shorter side shorts with zip and snap closure and a few key accessories and you’ve got the look. I did have a pair of more classic tennis shoes in the arrangement but swapped them for this pair of white adidas because you really can’t play in the “life styles” anymore.
The Look. Jaroslav Drobny 1953


The Look. Jaroslav Drobny 1953 by tennisidentity featuring a cable pullover

Cable pullover / Lacoste Men’s Classic Sport Pique Polo / Fila Men’s Fundamental Santoro Short / adidas Barricade 2015 White Men’s Shoe / Jox Sox Men’s Crew Socks / Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 / Lacoste Sport Jersey Wristbands White/Black

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  1. White will always be classic and royal. We rarely see players use white now in every tennis matches (except for Wimbledon of course). I really like the adidas shoes and lacoste shirt on the picture above.

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