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A racy Rafa revs Tommy Hilfiger’s BOLD campaign

Oh my… This tennis fashion blog needs a scratch and sniff card pronto. How did we miss the release of this video!? We want to know what this men’s cologne smells like NOW. Rafa makes TH BOLD look … a m a z i n g and truly, very bold.  The #TommyxNadal empire is expanding in very compelling ways.

Take a look at Rafa’s ad for Tommy Hilfiger’s TH BOLD.

I’ve also added some images from Rafa’s Tommy x Nadal appearance in Madrid last night. Tennis, sleek men’s suits, high fashion, crop tops and gorgeous girls galore. A few high heels on court and yes, there was some disrobing but not by Rafa. He is a gentleman all the way.

How ’bout that smile?

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